What is the choice of a car for a wedding based on?

A couple who intend to get married must make the appropriate preparations in advance, order a room, a cameraman, a photographer, book a date in the church, choose the right outfit, invitations and prepare a list of guests.

In all the confusion, she must not forget about the cake, which is served at the party, not only as a sweet accent, but also to delight the guests.

The choice of flavors and shapes is really huge. The bride and groom must decide whether they want a two-tier cake in the traditional sense of the word, i.e. one cake on top of another, or a modern one. A modern cake with tiers are separate cakes placed on a special tray, which gives the effect of stacking.

The shape of such a cake depends largely on the craftsmanship of the confectioner who is to make it. The most common cakes are round, square or heart-shaped. However, nothing prevents the bride and groom from designing their own shape of the cake for the wedding. You should then go with the project to the confectioner in advance and find out if he is able to make such a work of art. Because wedding cakes are a specific piece of confectionery art. They usually delight with hand-made decorations, figures made of marzipan or sugar mass and the way of serving. They

also have many flavors that will delight guests with the most sensitive palates. The newlyweds only have to make sure that there is no lack of this long-awaited sweetness.